See and hear Bukka White.

Booker T. Washington White

1963 Isn't 1962

GCD 9903
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1. Streamline Special
2. Drunken Leroy Blues
3. Fixin' To Die 
4. Midnight Twister
5. Aberdeen Blues
6. Vaseline Head Woman
7. Jump
8. Jack O'Diamonds
9. Chi Chi Boogie
10. 1963 Isn't 1962 Blues 
11. Boogie 'Til DuBuque
12. Driftin' & Driftin' 
13. Corinna, Corinna

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Bukka White was born November 12, 1909, near Houston, MS. He died February 26, 1977, in Memphis, TN.

1963 definitely wasn't 1962 for Bukka White. In fact, there was no comparison between the two years. In 1962 his musical career was just about washed up. He was living in a boarding house in Memphis, his home for most of the previous twenty years; working part time in a tank factory, without a wife and family, and on the verge of joining those gatherings of aging men who would sit around all day on benches by the corner store and swap tales of better times while sipping on quarts of beer concealed in rumpled brown paper bags....
All this changed in the latter part of 1963, when two young white men in Berkeley, California, Ed Denson and John Fahey, sent a letter addressed to Booker T. Washington White (Old Blues Singer), c/o General Delivery, Aberdeen, Mississippi.
David Evans, 1994. From the liner notes.

Fortunately for Bukka, a relative worked in the Aberdeen Post Office and wasted no time calling Memphis with news of what appeared to be a money-making opportunity. Bukka was soon united with Denson and Fahey and found himself touring the country, playing before enthusiastic audiences, drinking good whiskey and enjoying the company of pretty women. These recordings were made during that heavenly reintroduction of Booker T. Washington White to the music scene. The only prickly issue was that fans expected to hear his 30's repertoire, and Bukka, having evolved as an artist, preferred to play rock 'n roll. A consummate artist and scene stealer, Bukka worked out this conundrum by delivering faithful versions of his old standards peppered with his take on Chubby Checker and other pioneer rockers.

And don't forget, Bukka promised us, "World Boogie IS coming!"

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