Reverend Gary Davis

O, Glory

GCD 9908

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1. Let's Get Together 
2. Sun Goin' Down
3. Slippin' Til' My Gal Get In
4. Lo, I'll Be With You Always 
5. God Will Take Care of You
6. Mornin' Train 
7. Out on the Ocean Sailing 
8. Right Now 
9. Birmingham Special 
10. There's Destruction in That Land 
11. O, Glory 
12. Soon My Work Will All Be Done

Reverend Gary Davis was born April 30, 1896, in Larens, SC. He suffered a fatal heart attack at age 76 on May 5, 1972, in Hammonton, NJ, while en route to a concert appearance.

The Reverend Gary Davis rarely recorded with other musicians until this beautifully recorded session in 1969, his last in a studio. He sings, growls, shouts, plays guitar, and picks up two instruments that he had not recorded with before, a piano and a 5-string banjo... There are many great moments on this CD. This is definitely the real thing." From Roots & Rhythm.

To have this pristine recording of the acoustic blues master now available on CD is very exciting. Debra DeSalvo, Blues Review.

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