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Take Your Time

Furry Lewis
with Lee Baker, Jr.
GCD 9911

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GCD 9918
On The Road Again

1. Judge Boushé
2. Take Your Time
3. East St. Louis Blues
4. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
5. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
6. St. Louis Blues
7. If You Follow Me Babe
8. Glory Hallelujah
9. Natural Born Eastman
(aka Kassie Jones)
10. Bugle Waltz
11. How Long?
12. John Henry

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In the late 1920’s, Furry Lewis was “discovered” on Beale Street and recorded on 78 rpm by the major labels serving the newly emerging market for Black American music. Unfortunately for Furry and a number of other country blues artists, changing times and tastes made this a short-lived popularity, one not to be appreciated again for several decades.

When the spotlight returned to Furry, beginning in the 1960s, he became an immediate hit with young people the world over, not only for his mastery of slide guitar but also for the wit and wisdom he shared with audiences and that joyful personality of his that delighted and enlightened.
These recordings, made in 1969, reveal Furry at his best--the master showman in comfortable and appreciative surroundings, accompanied by his best friend and student, Lee Baker, a young Memphis guitarist already established as a forerunner in the new blues rock idiom.

Like his live performances, Furry’s songlist for this album ran the gamut from classic country blues to gospel to Tin Pan Alley favorites of the early part of the century. To know Furry was to love him. To those fortunate enough to have known Furry, this collection will bring back wonderful memories. If this great artist is new to you, there is no better introduction to the music and the man than Take Your Time.

The cover photograph of Furry in live performance was made in 1972 by Jim Marshall and colorized by Track 7 Graphics. Liner notes accompanying this special recording include personal memories contributed by musician/producer Jim Dickinson and guitarist/songwriter Dave MacKenzie, as well as a biography of Furry Lewis written by Denise Tapp.

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