See film of Henry Townsend and Henry Brown made in 1969. And don't miss their friends George & Ethel McCoy.

Henry Townsend
Cairo Blues

with Henry Brown and Vernell Townsend

GCD 9916

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1. Cairo Blues
2. Tired of Being Mistreated
3. Biddle Street Blues
4. She Walked Away...
5. Every Day of My Life
6. Sloppy Drunk Again!
7. Why Do We Love Each Other?
8. Deep Morgan Stomp
9. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
10. Heart Trouble 
11. Doing Better in Life
12. Don't You Remember Me?
13. Now or Never!

Music is an ageless language, whose interpreters are drawn together by an invisible but powerful bond. After 90 years of living, most of which have been spent in the company of fellow music legends, Henry Townsend remains the St. Louis Blues Ambassador to this global fraternity. A gifted guitarist, keyboard player, composer and lyricist, Townsend delivered the classic and classy touch to recordings by fellow artists John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson, Roosevelt Sykes, Walter Davis and Big Joe Williams, among others.
Born in Shelby, Mississippi, Townsend moved to St. Louis in the early wave of the Delta Exodus and grew up to become a central figure in that city’s influential blues scene. Throughout a recording career that began in the late 1920s and either flourished or languished with the popular fortunes of the genre, Henry Townsend has never lost his passion for music and has continued to perform and compose. In fact, it was during a slow point in the popularity of acoustic blues that old friend Big Joe Williams pointed the Adelphi recording crew to Townsend for this edition of the Blues Vault series, the first songs of which were made in the basement music room of Townsend’s St. Louis home. This collection evolved over a period of five years, and in it are delightful lessons from a master for those just learning this wonderful language, as well as for those more fluent.

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