Roy Buchanan

Buch & the Snakestretchers


GCD 7519

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Track Listing: 

1. Sweet Dreams (5:03)
2. Down By The River (7:35)
3. Since You've Been Gone (7:57)
4. I am a Lonesome Fugitive (3:53)
5. The Messiah Will Come Again (7:10)
6. Johnny B. Goode (3:23)

When this collection of live recordings was first released on vinyl, the unusual packaging that Roy chose (plain white sleeve enclosed in a burlap bag with the title spray-painted through a stencil) caused many consumers to believe that the LP was a bootleg. On the contrary, Roy asked Adelphi Records to issue his first recording on his own BIOYA label (Blow It Out Your Ass) to reflect his feelings about the industry. Vinyl originals fetch huge prices at auctions today because fans of this incredibly talented guitarist were suspicious of the release. But it is as real now as it was then (Roy's marketing miscalculation aside), and this digitally remastered CD version preserves his astonishing legacy.

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